3. Stay for the fireworks at the Ted

A Braves’ summertime tradition


In the predawn hours of July 5, 1985, in the eighteenth inning of a twice-rain-delayed game against the Mets, an unassuming Braves relief pitcher named Rick Camp smacked a two-out solo home run to send the game into the nineteenth.

The Braves lost, but Fulton County Stadium shot off fireworks anyway—at 4:01 a.m. Nearby residents called the police, fearing the city was under siege.

With or without the on-field theatrics, postgame fireworks remain a summertime tradition at Turner Field, whether on the Fourth of July (accompanied in 2012 by the spine-tingling stylings of opera tenor Timothy Miller) or after every Friday night home game—win or lose, nine innings or nineteen. atlanta.braves.mlb.com

This article originally appeared in our April 2013 issue.

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  • Tabitha G

    That is a cool capture! Nice shot whoever took that picture.. it makes you want to go watch the games :) I’m from NJ, I don’t know too much about any other place..lol! I read about the Braves history here :Atlanta Braves Team History, I thought they had some nice pictures but I really like this one. So my question is: Do y’all still do fire works after EVERY Friday game? Thanks, Tabitha